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We believe there are five essential pillars for a robust local food system--one where the average produce is grown within 100 miles, rather than 2,000. Nashville Grown is a nonprofit social enterprise that pilots initiatives to build and grow these pillars so that small, sustainable, local farms can thrive.

Sustainable Farming Education: If we want local food, we need farmers who know how to farm. Simple idea, right? But unfortunately, many communities lack training programs for new farmers, and the programs that do exist are often inaccessible to underserved and minority communities. That's why we launched the Refugee Farm Lab, and we hope to expand our farmer training and incubator programs to other communities in the coming years.
Land Availability: Finding farmland in urban areas can be tricky, especially as development places pressure on traditionally agricultural land in the urban periphery. Farmers need to be able to find land to farm here, or else they'll go elsewhere. Helping match farmers with land through our Landshare program is our first step towards tackling this problem.
Production Coordination: Farmers can't sell to wholesale markets if they don't know what those markets demand. We believe that every city needs a local farming production coordinator to channel information from buyer to farmer, and with our Food Hub, we're providing this service to Nashville farms.
Food Distribution: In addition to production information, farmers also need a way to get their produce from farm to market--and they often lack the time and resources to wash, package, and drive across town to distribute their produce. That's why we do it for them.
Branding and Marketing: It should be easy to know which restaurants support--and we mean truly support, not just buy a rustic looking table and call it a day--local farms. It should be easy to know which grocery stores stock local produce on their shelves. It should be easy to go to a farmers market and figure out which stalls are actually managed by local farms. That's what our branding and marketing campaign is all about: letting consumers know what's local and where to find it.